ART in FOCUS: Journey of Soul and Spirit

Journey of Soul and Spirit
It is through the journey of re-discovering oneself that one enters a state of knowing oneself.

Welcome to the first ART in FOCUS where I am highlighting an artwork and the accompanying message together with my experiences on a (hopefully) regular basis!

Each artwork is created around a central theme and there are multiple messages to be discovered!  In each 'ART in FOCUS' I will expand on one of the messages expressed in the artwork.

The first artwork I will share with you is titled Journey of Soul and Spirit and is the featured artwork on my INSPIRATION from WITHIN promotional material.

Accompanying message for Journey of Soul and Spirit :

We are here to experience, experience that which cannot be experienced from a place of complete knowingness and clarity of all that we are. It is this unique opportunity on earth that brings with it the gift of re-discovery of oneself.

Sharing my wisdom:

The journey we take in this life is one that is exposed to chaos and uncertainty. When we get caught up in the chaos and loose touch with who we truly are and what we are here to do we make choices that are not in alignment with our true path, choices that are made from the influence and or expectations of others rather listening to our inner self.
If such choices are made and you veer from your true path, you can loose the connection with your true self and therefore the possibilities for true happiness.

I have veered from my true path many times in my life. Now having been on a path of self discovery, of reconnecting with all that I am, I look back and see the many moments when I made life choices to meet (what I thought was) others expectations, that at the time felt wrong, but I pushed that part aside, giving others my power. 
Looking back now I can see the messages I was sending myself in the form of illness in the body which I believe to be manifestation of warnings that I was not on my path.

The wonderful news is that the re-discovery of your light (your spirit) is one filled with joy and wonderment. The knowing that even though you were not in alignment with your true purpose, the experiences you have gone through are all part of your journey and those experiences have helped to reveal aspects of yourself you otherwise may not have discovered.