ART in FOCUS: Moments

Moments   Within each moment is an opportunity to learn.

Within each moment is an opportunity to learn.

The artwork that I would like to share with you today is called 'Moments'.
As always the message shared is not the only message found within the artwork.

Accompanying message for Moments:

Use each moment as an opportunity to learn and grow. Not all moments are as they seem on the surface, take the time to look deeper and uncover all opportunities for growth.

Sharing my wisdom:

Some moments seem very clear as to why you are experiencing them, what you have to learn from them, others it may not immediately be clear what the message is. In all instances take the time to go deeper, there will be more than one opportunity for you to grow and learn.

For example I have had conflict in beliefs between myself and someone dear recently. This person is closed to anything of a spiritual or alternative nature. I have looked at this experience and at first glance thought that in order to maintain this relationship I was going to need to find a way to open them up to the possibility of there being more to this life than what you can see/touch/feel. That this was why I was a participant in this experience. 
This moment however has provided us both with an opportunity to open up and discuss how we each feel. To release that which we have held on to.
I have been given the opportunity to try to articulate the path I am on to someone that does not understand nor wishes to understand. 
It has also shown me how far I have come, have grown, I am now able to stand sure of my beliefs, my truth, not rest in doubt of all I thought to be true. That it is important for me to stay on this path and live my truth. I have been given this opportunity to see, feel and know how far I have come and the strength I have gained. To feel the strength and know that I am supported.

Each moment brings many possibilities for further understanding and growth, do not stop at the surface, go deeper.

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