The Artist

My name is Tegan Neville and I am an intuitive artist living in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 

My hope is to inspire others to explore within to heal and grow, both through my artworks and in sharing my journey.

I am a mum of 2 wonderful children and am rediscovering joy and balance in my world.

During my recovery from sever perinatal depression, I discovered the beautiful healing power of art and my ability to create art from within.

I have found the strength to grow from the challenges life has presented me in the form of depression and chronic fatigue, by connecting with my true self and celebrating all that I am.
I am enjoying being able to express my journey through art which has long been a passion, though I had put it aside for many years. Returning to that which brought so much joy as a young one has been a blessing and helped me on my recovery as well as given me a form in which I can share my wonderful gifts within!

I am excited to share my artworks hoping others will benefit from the art and messages presented.

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The Art

The artworks presented by ART from SPIRIT are of a spiritual nature. Each artwork is accompanied by a message inspiring growth and healing by connecting within, concurrent to the theme of the artwork. 

Artworks are created through a wonderful process of connecting within, allowing my body to flow without needing to be consciously aware of the form the artwork will take (very different to my previous work!). Script and symbols flow through me during the creation process and I look forward to discovering more about them as I progress.

The artworks express my journey of growth, healing and reconnecting with all that I am.  

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The Cards

I am very excited to be able to share my artworks in the form of an inspirational card deck.  My beautiful Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards are now available. A culmination of about 4 years work, these cards have been designed to prompt and inspire healing and connection within and come with a guidebook 

Please contact me or visit my online store if you would like to purchase a copy.

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The Book

I am excited to share with you my book Connecting Within - Artwork and Inspirational Messages.  

Featuring 9 of my original artworks and messages inspiring connection within and letting your true self shine.  This book can be used as a meditation tool focusing on the artwork and message, as an inspirational message or thought for your day!

Please contact me or visit my online store if you would like to purchase a copy.

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Buying Art

Many of my original artworks are for sale, you can view them in the Galleries or on my Facebook site.  I also do commissioned artworks.  If you would like to purchase an artwork please contact me.

Other items are available featuring my artworks which can be viewed in my online store.

Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Paypal or Bank Transfer are the current methods of payment available.  Please note that if you wish to use a method other than Credit Card, you will need to purchase directly from me via email or phone rather than my online store.

Free delivery in the Ballarat area may be available on request.
Postage costs vary, please contact me for more information.

If you wish to return your purchase within 14 DAYS of receipt.  A full refund (excluding postage/delivery costs) will be provided upon return of your purchase.

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My original artworks other items can be found in various locations.

You can also view my artworks in exhibitions and in various art shows in the Ballarat and surrounding regions.  See Events for any upcoming exhibitions and art shows that include my work.

You can also view my work in my online gallery.

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The Blog

INSIGHT from SPIRIT is a blog containing news and updates.  Also featuring ARTWORK in FOCUS posts highlighting a selected artwork.  An artwork is chosen, the message is expanded on and I share my experience concurrent with the theme of the artwork.

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