Connecting Within - Artworks and Inspirational Messages

In March 2016, I self-published my book Connecting Within – Artworks and Inspirational Messages.  A 20-page hardcover book measuring 8x8 inches and featuring nine of my original artworks and messages inspiring connection within and letting your true self shine, that were created during first year of making my intuitive art.

Connecting Within is beautiful as a meditation tool focusing on an artwork and message, or as an inspirational message or thought for your day!

The inspiration for my book comes from my dream to help and inspire people to connect within to heal and grow by sharing my art and the accompanying messages.  I am so proud to share my book and love that it is an accessible medium for sharing my artworks and to hopefully help and inspire others. 

Connecting Within is a symbol to me about how far I have come, that I now have the confidence and courage to proudly show who I am and value that I have something beautiful to give to the world.

Connecting Within - Artworks and Inspirational Messages is available for $25.99.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact me or you can purchase a copy using my online store.