REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 29/03/2019

Your guidance for the week ahead is ready! Take a moment to centre yourself before reading so you can really feel the message resonates with you. If you feel uneasy in your body, perhaps it is a sign that some work is needed here.

Your inner being wants to communicate with you and help you to heal and follow the path best suited for you, connect within when receiving your guidance and really take the time to feel the response you are being given from your inner voice!


1 – In Hiding

You have been hiding away parts of yourself that are naturally coming to the surface and almost ready to be exposed to the world around you. Do not fear this next step, it has been a long time in the making, do however proceed with caution and check-in with yourself to make sure you feel safe and supported. This exposure may come slowly over the next few months, or it may happen quickly, it will largely be up to you and what you choose to spend your time and energy on. Do not try and burrow back into the sand, allow this natural surfacing to occur and rejoice for this is a positive step forward <3

2 – Cleansed

A day, a week or a month of cleansing is required. This may be a clearing out of physical clutter or time taken to clear the mind or detox the body. It has been on your mind and put-off for a time now, you are encouraged not to delay and use this message as a ‘kick-up the butt’ to get moving! Do not put it off any longer for a clear space/mind/body is required in the days ahead.

As you are clearing, use intent to fill the clear spaces with light and joy (both in the mind and physical spaces). <3

3 – Uncovered

Ah, this feels lovely, an energy release, an event occurring that you have been awaiting, that you have put much time and energy towards. Now is a time to rejoice for things coming into fruition!

If the above does not resonate with you at this time, there is a feeling of boldly standing in your space. To stand with confidence and take up your space, be stubborn and steady. Claim the space that is yours to own.

4 - Held

A period of vulnerability approaches, find your supports and be willing to accept help and support whether it is a conversation or actionable help, be open to receiving the support you need. It is not a weakness but a strength to acknowledge when you wish or need to be held and supported.

Although you may be capable of moving forward without this support, you will be stronger at the other end if you accept the help you need. Remember that it may just be a conversation or chat between friends, opening up to something that weighs heavy.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with your inner being, to be open and willing to receive these messages helping you to create positive change and move forward with ease.

If you would like some more in-depth guidance I have bookings available this week for my beautiful Intuitive Guidance sessions. If you have any questions please contact me.

I wish you well in strengthening the connection with your inner being.