REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 22/02/2019

Welcome again to a day filled with possibilities! I have ready for you the guidance via intuitive stone artworks! Such beautiful flow and energy present in these beautiful stones. Which stone did you choose? The reveal of your guidance is below.

If you chose ‘a’ you are being prompted to be guided by the flow of Nature.

Attention to the flow of life around you beckons. Do you feel like you have been pushing against the current? That more effort has been required where before you have experienced effortlessness?
Pay attention to the flow of life around you. Are you fighting against the natural order? Not paying attention to the signs around you?

This beautiful stone, full of bumps and crevasses – beckons you to follow the flow of life around you at present, and trust that all will come back around. Your timing is a little off, but do not despair, all is well, this is just a prompt to allow things to move and flow as they need, relieving the pressure you may feel that all needs to happen now. The time will come back around, allowing you to move with much less effort and with ease. Follow the flow.


I wish you could feel this stone, whilst (and even after) I was creating the artwork on this special stone, I couldn’t help but run my fingers around and around the different bumps and crevasses, it is not one I would usually use to place an artwork on, but I was drawn to it’s ‘flaws’ the shapes that it had created upon itself. So beautiful. I wish you well on your journey to find your flow in the coming weeks! ❤️

 If you chose stone ‘b’ you are being asked to take notice of the joyful moments shared with those around you.

Too much seriousness plagues you at present, you are forgetting to embrace the little moments of joy and pleasure spent with those around you! This week really take notice of the smiles and interactions with those you love and those you share your life with. Embrace the joyful moments that come about, no matter how fleeting and soak them in, allow your body to feel the peace and joy that can come out of these moments.

When our busy life is filled with so much ‘to-do’, we often feel like there is ‘no-time’ for these precious moments, but the interaction with others, the smile or laugh that may come about, re-fuels us, fills our soul, our inner light rejoices in the shared energy of joy!


Enjoy this bright stone that wanted to stand out and be seen! Have fun sharing joyful moments with those in your life today and in the week ahead…well always really!!! ❤️

If you chose stone ‘c’, take a breath, nice and deep, and on the exhale let-go, let-go of your day/week and be in the present moment, the stone you have been drawn to is a peaceful one, full of love, joy and HOPE.

This stone is encouraging you to sit in the peaceful moments, the space in-between breaths, and in this peace you find here (it may take a few breathes and some effort to find this space, but once you are settled in your body, and drawn to your inner light centre), feel the Hope Eternal Radiating from Within.

This beautiful stone carries with it beautiful peaceful, joyful and also exciting HOPE. It is excited to share this beautiful gift with you and merely asks you to take the time to breathe and sit with the intention to feel unending HOPE radiating from within you. Such a beautiful gift to give yourself today, and to return to whenever you need!


I can’t help but caress this stone lovingly! It was the first I artwork on stone that I created out of the 7 that I am bringing to my special stall on Saturday. It fills me with such peace and draws me in to hope – the pink circle radiating out – once it pulls me in here, then I feel the bubbling joy that hope can bring, the excitement and smiles. ❤️

I hope your guidance resonates with you! Please only take on what feels right for you, feel free to adapt the exercises to suit you!

Also a reminder that If you would like to see these gorgeous stones in person (and you are within reasonable distance to Rokewood Victoria), they will be present at tomorrow’s Rockin Rokewood with the Arts event! I have a stall there and some artwork in the show!

If you would like a personalised intuitive guidance session check out my services on my website.

Sending you smiles and joy! ❤️😃 Tegan