REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 22/03/2019

Today’s guidance reveal is to keep things simple and complete your actions with joy! The wise woman in the centre of the cards, knowledgeable and wise, encourages us to be present and complete all actions with joy in our hearts. This wise woman has such a joyous child-like quality to her, together with such wisdom and knowledge!


A – Share

This week there will be times when you are being asked for or given opportunities to share your experience and knowledge. Do not hesitate, value your experience and wisdom and share with an open heart.

B – I am a Manifestor

IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME! You are being called to plant your seeds for your future! Ponder the direction you wish to reach! Plant the seeds of manifestation. When doing this feel throughout your whole body what it would be like to achieve your dream or goal. Do you feel joy? If not perhaps alter your perception of where you would like to be and tender to these seeds instead. Remember this is asking you where YOU WANT to be, not where you think you ‘SHOULD’ be or where someone else thinks you ‘SHOULD’ be. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS?

Notice the caption on this card? ‘Own Your Shit’ – take responsibility for your dreams and goals, take ownership and make sure they are compatible with YOUR heart.

C – Center

Ahh, today you have chosen my daughter’s favourite artwork, it is hanging in her room, I call it Center as I felt so much love and peace creating this, feeling very seated in my heart centre, Izzy calls it ‘The Whirpool’. Today you are encouraged to act from your heart, to simply smile to those that could use it, to help anyone you see needs a hand, to Share the gift of love.

I hope your guidance resonates with you!

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I hope you are able to feel the joy in all you do this week!