REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 17/05/2019

Your intuitive guidance reveal for today and the week ahead is ready! Today’s guidance is a little different in that the message for you is the message that accompanied the artworks at my Out of Darkness exhibition (visit the Gallery to check-out more) and no more. You are being asked to connect within when you read the words and view the image, and feel or listen to how this resonates with you.


A - Seeking Help

No more shall I live in the shadows, suffering in silence,
weighed down by guilt. accept myself for who I am.
Worthy of help.
Worthy of love.
Worthy of life.

B - The Light Appears

Though the fog remains thick and heavy,
Light and joy are in sight,
I now know this darkness is not forever,
It is time to allow the light.

The guidance prompts are very brief today! I hope these help you highlight areas to bring your attention to for today and the week ahead. If you would like to receive intuitive guidance or messages updates from me to your inbox, please visit to join my mailing list.

I hope your week is filled with smiles and joy.