REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 15/02/2019

Weekly Guidance from the Fairy Garden - Which card did you choose?

Weekly Guidance from the Fairy Garden - Which card did you choose?

Your reveal for this morning’s guidance from the fairy garden is ready! There are some exercises and action to take this week! Read the guidance that matches the card/s that you chose.

GARDEN – Inspiration
Card message – An abundance of inspiration lies within.

You are encouraged to take extra notice of the nature around you this week. Utilise its beauty to bring joy and peace to the surface from within. Take some time to stand/sit and breathe among nature.

In this peaceful silence allow the energy of earths beauty wash over you, imagine yourself absorbing all the beautiful healing and cleansing energy that earths bounty gifts to us. As you breathe out, send your love back into the nature around you in a silent thanks for the beautiful energy it provides.

Whilst in this peaceful silence and loving exchange, bring your focus within your soul centre (or heart centre) with the intent to become aware of an idea or solution that has been waiting to be noticed. Utilising this time to connect within and listen to your inner wisdom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Card message – Return to your core. Find yourself. Be true.

This week you are being asked to open the window to your soul and be willing to look past the layers you and your environment have created, and instead go directly to your core. Perhaps you would benefit from a reminder of who you truly are, to help you with some of the confusion that you are experiencing.

Pick a time when you have a few minutes of quiet (even if it needs to be whilst in a toilet stall!) Anywhere you are able to grab hold of a few minutes just for you.

Take a deep breath, sit with the intent to go directly to your core (by-pass everything else), if it helps you, send your call out to the universe for help with this! Just breath in and out of your centre, imagine yourself being covered with your beautiful light from the inside radiating outwards.

Breath in and out basking in your beautiful light for as long as you feel comfortable. Settling into your body and the reminder of your beautiful light within, and trust that the peace, warmth and comfort you have found here is within you always, no matter what decisions or paths you choose to take.

You may even benefit from doing this each night before or as you fall asleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

DOOR – Dreams
Card message – Harness the energy of your dreams.

The door is wide open to harness the energy of your dreams! The energy around you is supporting you to take hold of your dreams and ideas and work hard to manifest them. For yes there is hard work involved, it is not a time when your dreams will just manifest themselves, these are dreams that require you to contribute your beautiful energy, thoughts and actions! It is not for the indecisive, you must be willing to work towards your beautiful dreams and ideas with confidence and faith that you have the power to manifest them!

For those that have more than one dream they are or wish to pursue, do so with confidence but also caution – please take care with the balance in the things/responsibilities you are already managing. Ask for help when needed! You can accomplish your dreams! No more excuses – take action!

I hope your guidance resonates with you! Please only take on what feels right for you, feel free to adapt the exercises to suit you! Sending more smiles and joy your way ❤️😃

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