REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 15/03/2019


The reveal for this week’s guidance is ready!

A reminder (and for those who missed the initial post) that today you are being asked to take more time to choose the image that sings to you. Hold the intention to connect with your inner being and allow yourself to be drawn to just ONE of the crystal formations today.

If you are having trouble with this and continue to be drawn to both or are not sure, perhaps come back to it later when you are able to be still for a longer period, I keep feeling so strongly the importance of connecting to your centre today!


If you were drawn to the first formation today, you are being asked to look past the need to have everything worked out and planned clearly and the want for it to be happening NOW. The energy and flow around you at this time is more in tune with being flexible and adapting to the situations as the come, the time for a clear plan has passed (although will return at a later time) instead now you are encouraged to continue forward joyously one task at a time, and to let go of any need to have your end goal accomplished right now. Enjoy the journey and be open to the flow heading in a new more abundant direction.


If the second formation sang out to you today, you are being encouraged to have a clear plan in place and a clear direction in which you wish to head. You have planted the seeds of your wishes and dreams, now is the time to become an active participant in making them happen. Create a practical and achievable plan, do not be unrealistic, there are other parts of your life that will take some of your time, cater for these as you create your plan. Do not feel that the plan you create is set-in-stone, it can be adapted to fit changes as they happen, but it is important to have something clear and directive in place at this time so that you may continue forward in an effective manner, clear with intent on the direction you wish to head.

… Well now it makes sense as to why it was important for only one to be selected! I hope your guidance resonated with you!

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I wish you well this week, either with your planning or going with the flow!