REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 08/03/2019

Your guidance is ready! Wow look at those colours, I didn’t actually look at the cards before I set up to take today’s photo, but I am loving the yellows and blues! Even my dragon is in on the vibration of these colours today!!!

Yellow reminds me of joy, warmth and sunshine. Blue reminds me of gentleness, flow, calm. What do these colours mean for you?

As always before you read chosen guidance please take the time to centre yourself and allow your inner voice to communicate with you as your read the words below. Connect within and FEEL in what way this week's guidance resonates with you. Be OK with any additional words or feelings that may arise!

Also a reminder that if you feel you would benefit from some more in-depth guidance, I offer personalised intuitive guidance sessions via video recording combining my cards, another deck, crystals and my intuitive drawing - the feedback I have had so far is wonderful!
These beautiful sessions are healing and inspiring.
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Also as I mentioned in the initial post, the guidance provided for this week has been inspired by my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards and Raul’s beautiful Guiding Star of Life cards.
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A – Spirit Ignited
What joy you feel when you have ignited your spirit! Take a moment to bask in your Spirit’s joy! Don’t move on too quickly! It has taken time to get here, acknowledge the work you have done to ignite your inner joy and spirit and savour the feeling it has created within you.
There are some of you whom your spirit longs to be ignited! If this is you, look out in the coming weeks for opportunities to undertake that which brings you joy and ignites your light within!

B – Abundance
Abundance is all around you, have you been acknowledging the beautiful gifts in your life? This week you are being prompted to give thanks for all you have and open your heart, mind and spirit to receiving even more abundance that this life has to offer you. Make a conscious decision to be open and willing to RECEIVE abundance in all areas of your life.

I hope this week’s guidance resonates with you. Enjoy the warmth the sun brings this week, both the physical and also your inner light and sun!

Sending smiles and joy to fill your week ahead,