REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 05/04/2019

Your reveal for this week’s guidance and inspiration is ready!

Get ready to acknowledge and bring to the surface the special gifts you have to share with the world (and with yourself)!

This week's guidance helps to point you in the direction of the gifts that are ready to be used and acknowledged at this time!

You are being encouraged to embrace these parts of yourself and find ways to bring them into your everyday, whether it be perusing a career in this area, or introducing a fun weekly hobby.

As always I ask you to take the time to settle yourself and connect to your inner being ready to receive today's message, paying attention to how it resonates in your body and what feelings come up for you! I would love to hear in the comments what you felt in your body or feelings that came up if you are happy to share!


A – Active/Grounded/Practical

If you were drawn to the blue section of script you are being encouraged to apply your skills and gifts that involve you being active. This can include sports, gardening, anything that gets you moving. The gifts in this area are also grounded and of a practical nature.

B – Helper/Support/Aid

If the red section of script has drawn your attention, you are being reminded that your soul lights up when participating in activities that help and support others. Find ways to integrate your skills and joy in the area of helping and supporting others.

C – Industrious/Creative/Imaginative

If the green section of script has called to you, you are being reminded of the creative self within. It is time to bring these skills to the surface in the activities and work you are doing at this time. Rather than feeling you need to be creative separately to your current activities, be industrious and find ways to fuel the creative part of yourself in the work you are already doing.

If you feel you would benefit from some more in-depth guidance in this area, book an Intuitive Guidance session with me!

I wish you well in embracing your gifts within!

Remember you can ask the universe for help in bringing your passions into your everyday life, be open to the unique ways this may come about!