REVEAL: Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 01/03/2019

Your guidance is ready!
Please take the time to centre yourself prior to reading your selected guidance and allow your inner voice to communicate with you as your read the words below.
Connect within and FEEL in what way today’s guidance resonates with you.

Also a reminder that if you feel you would benefit from some more in-depth guidance, I offer personalised intuitive guidance sessions via video recording combining my cards, another deck, crystals and my intuitive drawing - the feedback I have had so far is wonderful! These beautiful sessions are healing and inspiring. If you feel this is something you would like visit my store.

The guidance provided this week has been inspired by 4 of my original artworks (some of which feature in my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck!) If you would like to purchase a copy you can do so here.

1 – Eternity
If you were drawn to this artwork, your message is to draw on the experience of your past as well as the wisdom of those that have travelled a similar path.
Look to what you have learned and build from this, the wisdom you are seeking is available to you. Although you may feel lost or confused about how to proceed in regards to a particular project or idea you have, take some time to sit in the quiet and allow your knowledge to come to the surface. This may be from your previous experience or there may be someone who you can ask for advice that has the experience and knowledge you seek.

2 – Healing Frequencies
If you were drawn to this artwork, you are being prompted to let go of unhealthy patterns that you continue to repeat and instead STOP and ALLOW the healing to occur that you have been asking for. It is within your power to make healthful changes, if it feels overwhelming know that you are supported by the universe’s helpers and that you have the power to make the changes required.
Please note that this ‘unhealthy patterns’ is not in reference only to eating etc, there are many ways in which you can treat yourself poorly. Allow your inner voice to communicate to you what it is that requires change NOW.

3 – Release
If you were drawn to this artwork your message is to RELEASE!!! If you feel so inclined, stop reading right now and stand-up – SHAKE-OFF anything that you are holding onto unnecessarily…….. Ahhh that feels so much better…if you haven’t done so yet I highly recommend it! 
You are being called to take notice of all the weight you are laying upon your head and shoulders needlessly, the worry, the over-thinking, the over-complicating…. None of this is necessary, in fact it is becoming a hindrance. Make the conscious (and physical) decision to LET IT ALL GO and allow yourself to get on with your day, with more joy and lightness in your step. 
If you notice yourself putting the weight back on, bring in the joy and playfulness, giggle and SHAKE 😉

4 – Self-Discovery
Yay you were drawn to this artwork today, this is exciting, you are on the joyous path of finding yourself, your ‘Self’ is so grateful that you are taking the time and action to say hello, to reacquaint yourself with who you are and what makes your heart sing with joy.

If you feel this is not the case, then you are being prompted to take the time to connect within as you are wandering off your path a little, starting to veer away from your true purpose, some of the decisions that have and are being made of late are not in alignment with you. Take notice and feel joyful, for it is not too late to veer back onto the path that it right for you.

In either case it is a time to rejoice, there is so much beautiful energy around you now, ideal for this journey of self-discovery and bringing into your life the things that fill you most with joy!

I hope you were able to connect to your guidance! I connected with all of them today and especially loved doing the release - a lovely reminder to SIMPLIFY things, not make them over-complicated and thus weigh myself down with heavy thoughts, since doing that little exercise I have been able to feel so much more joy throughout my body, letting go of some of the unnecessary seriousness and instead replace it with playfulness and joy!

Sending smiles and joy to fill your week ahead,