Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 15/03/2019

It is that time of the week again! I am bringing you your guidance and inspiration for your week via my crystals in 2 different formations today. I have also decided to change the way I email your weekly guidance reveal to those receiving this in your inbox (to reduce the amount of emails rocking your inbox), so instead of waiting for the follow-up email you will be directed to a link. Please let me know if this format works for you or not!

So as I mentioned my crystals called! Take a deep breath and some time to centre yourself before choosing today. Hold the intention to connect with your inner being and allow yourself to be drawn to just ONE of the crystal formations today.

Yes, usually it is accepted or even encouraged if you are drawn to more than one image to choose the multiple images. However today I am feeling strongly that this guidance is being used an as extra tool to really connect within and listen to the voice inside! To remain still enough to feel the connection.

The reveal will be available around 8 am AEST via my website.

I hope you have a lovely morning and are able to connect to your inner voice!
- Tegan