Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 08/03/2019

I am excited to bring you your weekly guidance today, filled with sunshine and joy!

My special dragon wanted to join in the fun today, together with my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards and Raul’s beautiful Guiding Star of Life cards, take a deep breath and with the intention of receiving the guidance that you need for the week ahead, notice whether you are drawn to A or B (or both)!

I will post the reveal later today!

In the meantime, do you feel you would benefit from some more in-depth guidance? I offer personalised intuitive guidance sessions via video recording combining my cards, another deck, crystals and my intuitive drawing - the feedback I have had so far is wonderful! These beautiful sessions are healing and inspiring. Give yourself (or a friend) the gift of one of my unique intuitive guidance sessions! Book now!

If you would like to purchase one or both of the decks being used today they are available in the White Light Publishing store.

I hope you day is filled with smiles and joy,