Intuitive Guidance for the Week Ahead - 05/04/2019

It’s that time again! This week I bring you guidance of an inspirational manner around the theme of discovering your unique and special gifts!

A, B and C are made up of channelled script that appears in my artwork.

Take a moment to connect to your 3rd eye (the space on your forehead between your eyebrows), do this by breathing into the space and setting your focus here.

When you are ready, look at the script on the page and comment which one/s you are most drawn to.

The reveal will be available around 8 am AEST.

Script and symbols often come up in the intuitive guidance I offer where I start with a blank page and build upon it with affirmations, animals, shapes and script that best communicate your guidance.

I still have bookings available for next week, if you would like to book a session visit my store.

May your day be filled with love and laughter.